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I won’t be able to help it – at least for this edition of the Energy Word Blog letter –  you’re going to get a deluge of links. My Lightning Round.

The truth is, I was pretty sure we’d be rocking and rolling by now.

I mean, my analysis of when this oil bust was destined to begin it’s boom phase pointed to a very, very hot oil market beginning – right about now.

But the truth is, this oil market isn’t even tepid.

Now, we’ve got to….. to quote Homer Simpson as Mr. Plow ……. “play the waiting game”.
Feel the Burn.
As if to add insult to injury, every oil analysis piece wants to add salt to the wound:
Here’s the FT,  saying that traders (like me) got the timing of oil’s ultimate turnaround wrong – Thanks for the insight, FT
Arthur Berman, with an even more cynical view.  He’s going too far, but if the numbers can add to the analysts hyperbole, so be it – they’re going to use it.
The EIA, telling me that I forgot about the Permian (I didn’t EIA – Shut UP!).
• Even more negativity here and here.
Hey, I could give you a hundred more – but you get the point – everyone’s now convinced oil prices are going nowhere.

Follow The Money.
Look, I’ll admit the timeline for oil’s recovery has been extended, no doubt. But the outcome, as I wrote in 2015 in my book and have been continuing to write about since, is still the same: Oil’s headed higher – a LOT higher.

And if you wanted more than my view of this, I will always invite you to listen to TRADERS – not analysts.  Analysts make their livings with their mouths – traders make their livings putting their money where their mouths ARE.

• So, I invite you to read THIS from billionaire energy trader Andy Hall.
• And then read THIS from billionaire energy trader Pierre Andurand.
Then, consider joining ME, hardly a billionaire energy trader, but an energy trader nonetheless, in my next interactive webinar.